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Acai Juice Reviews – Overview of Different Kinds

The following acai juice reviews, presents an overview of the different kinds of acai juice to choose from. More importantly, these are among the best acai juices according to most consumers. Some more helpful information regarding the health benefits of the acai berry juice is also provided here.

Firstly, the acai juice is a derivative of acai berry and it has amazing benefits to our health. Today, you can see lots of  brands of acai juices, but it is good to read several acai juice reviews especially if you considering to purchase an acai product. Many of the companies today claimed that their acai products contains the  natural and nutritional components that you need. The best means to buy an acai juice bottle is to be certain that the product is organically cultivated from acai berries and has a USDA organic label.

Be sure that you have read the different acai juice reviews prior to buying any of the acai products.  However, here we have provided you with a general overview of various kinds to help you along the way.

Bossa Nova is considered as one of the most popular brands of acai juice. The juice is not too thick in consistency, and it has a chocolate hint and sweet berries flavor. Bossa Nova acai juice reviews are considered with high regard because the brand has five delicious flavor, and these are Original Acai, Mango, Passionfruit, Blueberry, and Raspberry. Actually, this juice comes in a 240 ml bottle containing  4 percent vitamin C, 12 percent vitamin A, and 0 percent fat.

Sambalzon is another brand that has good acai juice reviews from its consumers. It contains a smooth juice consistency packed in green and bright purple bottles. This brand has seven flavors as the acai juice is mixed with different pulps and juices from fruits. They are Pomegranate Synergy, Original Acai Berry, Rainforest Immunity, Supergreen Revolution, Rio Energy, Antioxidant Trinity, and Strawberry Samba.

Bom Dia juice is yet another brand of acai, which you can buy from many supermarkets. This juice does not have a pure acai, but it is accessible in three delicious flavors. This brand is blended with different sweet fruits like cacao, pomegranate, and mangosteen. Pomegranate flavored acai juice has the sweetest taste and thicker consistency than any other brands of flavor.

The Zola Brazilian Superfruits Acai Juice is now considered as one of the most popular brands of acai juice since it gets numerous positive reviews. It is highly admired by many because of the great taste (available in original, blueberry, and pineapple), health benefits, and easily available online here. It also does not have to be placed in the refrigerator until opened. So far, I have not seen any other acai juice on the market that is shelf stable except the Zola.

These are just a some of the best acai juices available. Because of the health benefits, acai berries has gained its reputation in the health market, and has been named as a superfood. Among the essential benefits it includes the prevention of cardiovascular disease and improvement of the body’s immune system. Also, consumption of acai berries can also prevent cancer according to some studies. Weight loss is also considered one of the benefits.Given these healthy benefits, many of us are now fascinated to buy the different products of acai juices.

The two most known benefits of acai is the effects of antioxidants and weight loss.

Antioxidants. Acai berries are widely known because of its antioxidants properties, which are four times higher than any other kind of juice. Flavonoids and anthocyanins are essential component that acai berries have; this helps in eradicating the free radicals out from our bodies. It is important to eliminate the free radicals because it could damage the cell membranes of our body, thus lead to several kinds of chronic illnesses like cancer. By eradicating them, these antioxidants enhance the health of an individual and augment the life span. Given that acai berry juice has a high concentration of these helpful antioxidants, many individuals are now consuming this juice and also with higher frequencies.

Weight Loss. We have seen a lot of research and studies regarding the connection between acai berry juice and weight loss. However, there are speculations on how true acai berry juice helps in losing weight. In recent reviews, there is no exact proof telling that acai berry juice is the direct cause of weight loss. But acai berries are found to increase body metabolism that helps burn excess fats and lose weight more rapidly. This makes sense why people end up losing weight with acai berry juice. Individuals who are consuming acai juice also report having higher energy levels.