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Advocare 24 Day Challenge Reviews

advocare 24 day challenge reviewsAdvocare 24 Day Challenge Reviews

In the United States today there are over 190 million people who are over weight. If you happen to be one of those 190 million and are thinking about going on a diet you should read the following article before you start. We have taken several advocare 24 day challenge reviews and combined all of the information provided to form one review that tells all.

According to several advocare 24 day challenge reviews the Advocare 24 Day Challenge really works. The Advocare 24 Day Challenge works in three phases:

* Phases One – is a 10 day cleaning process to remove all the toxins that have
been built up in your body over the years and to ensure that your body is prepared to absorb all of the nutrients that it will be receiving over the next 24 days. This phase includes the use of the following products.

* Herbal Cleanse Citrus – removes toxins from the body
* OmegaPlex – fatty acids for health
* Advocare Spark – energy enhancer
* Max Phase – days 11 through 24 – Involves a mixture of nutritional and weight loss ingredients that will help to remove the unwanted weight and to keep it off.

* Metabolic Nutrition System – Your choice of the following:
* Max C+ – Appetite control
* Max E +- Energy
* Max 3 – Appetite control and health
* Meal Replacement Chocolate Shake – Taste great and it’s good for you
* Advocare Spark – Extra added energy

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Advocare 24 Day Challenge Reviews: Does Advocare Work?

According to each of the reviews that were read to write this article the Advocare 24 Day Challenge really does work. And it’s easy to follow unlike some weight loss programs that require meetings and constant calorie counting.

Here’s what some of the users have to say about the product:

Shelly: I have been on diet after diet for most of my life, but the Advocare 24 Day Challenge has completely changed my life.
Bill: I lost the weight without the cravings like so many diets before.
Melinda: Awesome product works great!
Erin:Anyone who wants to do an herbal cleanse, I HIGHLY recommend this product to any other.
Kendra: Finally a product that does exactly what it says it will.

Many individuals have problems losing weight because of all the toxins that are in their bodies, and this program includes a cleansing step before moving on to lose weight more effectively. This one is highly worth a try for anyone wanting to lose weight.

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